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Further - important prospect and customer references

DSKD Detector-Scout / Special-Detecting-System expressly states that the use of the detectors offered here, georadar systems, all other positioning systems and magnets offered at your own risk. In particular, by digging up ammunition, toxins or similar substances hazardous to health, considerable personal injury and property damage can occur.

Headphones are individually adjusted by the operator in the volume of his hearing, we are therefore not liable for any hearing damage.

Each detectorists user and user of the devices described on the website should inform themselves in advance about the risks and behave accordingly. Every user of the devices and equipment presented here is obligated to observe the respectively valid legal regulations of the nature and monument protection.

This Internet publication is not intended as a guide for unauthorized digs. It only takes into account the increasing acceptance of modern electronic aids (metal probes and other detection systems) and the resulting opportunities and opportunities in the field of antiquity research.

Targeted research into objects of cultural and historical significance usually requires approval by the responsible authorities. In this connection, please observe the regulations and laws valid in your country / state. DSKD Detector-Scout / Special-Detecting-Systems assumes no liability for the inappropriate use of the equipment and equipment described.

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The regulations described are part of this website. If a paragraph or individual condition of these provisions is ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Only the law of the Republic of Austria applies. Jurisdiction is Salzburg, Austria.

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