DEEPMAX - Z1 features

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Features - DEEPMAX Z1

The DEEPMAX - Z1 was developed to provide a number of features including high sensitivity and stability together with easy operation. The amount of controls was therefore reduced and a calibration of the Detector to our factory settings was also made to guarantee best results in the field :

  • Highly sensitive to all kinds of metal
  • Stable operation on mineralized ground or salt water with Pulse Ground Balancing System
  • Reliable / simple operation with few controls and customized LC Display
  • Exact pinpointing with large coils possible
  • Very easy and effective detection of large areas
  • Rugged, refined mechanical construction with water and dust protected electronics unit
  • A variety of search coils are available for different detection purposes
  • Automatic adaptation of different coil sizes and coil designs to the electronics
  • Small unwanted metal objects can either be identified or eliminated
  • Fast audio response speed with different audio settings
  • Logarithmic audio response and intensity bar graph reading for easy pinpointing
  • Battery check with audio alarm tone
  • Calibrated metal classification with visual conductivity/ time delay reading
  • More stable ferrous/ non-ferrous identification
  • Precisely adjustable audio-threshold
  • Stable static response (acoustical and visual)
  • Waterproof search coils
  • Interchangeable rechargeable Battery pack for worldwide operation
  • Charge electronics for worldwide operation 90 - 265V AC / 50 - 60Hz

  • Frequency and Filter function for low frequency EMI interference elimination
  • Automatic ground calibration retuning facility
  • Different Delay and Sensitivity settings to eliminate small objects or for easy pinpointing
  • Extreme detection depths for very large metal objects
  • Specialized on gold and improved detection range on low conducting metal pieces
  • Low frequency interference elimination circuitry for less interference in urban areas.
  • High dynamic range for extreme ground signals and easy pinpointing
  • Optimal performance for the detection of small objects like coins or other non-ferrous objects
  • Single or dual, induction balanced or differential coil designs can be used
  • Multi sensor trigger detection (MST) with several search coils working at the same time without interfering each other. Please ask for details.

  • Easy to use data logger function works with additional Hard- and Software kit to generate 2-D image and 3-D surface maps from the scans being taken. Each map offers different information depending on the electronic analysis method.
  • GPS based meter, Track, Field and Compass Heading information, makes it easy to work with the data logger.
  • New search system circuitry with all new functions.
  • Signal strength bar graph, time delay reading, ferrous/ non-ferrous icons, battery condition and all the mode settings are displayed simultaneously on a large LC - Display.


We do not make the metal locating and cavity search different . . . we make it better !